Arizona Parents Adopt Five Siblings So They Aren't Split Up in Foster Care System

No sibling left behind!

Arizona parents Brenda and Curt Heuer have opened their home to 52 foster children in their 12 years as foster parents. And on National Adoption Day on November 19, the couple adopted five of those children, all brothers and sisters, so that they wouldn’t be split up in the system.

“They call us mom and dad,” Brenda, who lives in Yavapai County, tells PEOPLE. “We’re such a family, we go camping together, and we’re going to take them to Disneyland for their adoption celebration.”

The siblings, ages 2, 3, 6, 7 and 9, have been living with the foster parents since February 2015 and had always inquired about becoming a part of the Heuer’s forever family.

Courtesy Brenda Heuer

“We needed to keep these kids together,” explains Brenda.

So on Saturday, Brenda and Curt were granted adoption during Yavapai County Superior Court’s celebration of National Adoption Day.

“These kids mean a lot to us,” says Brenda. “We have such good times together and we are doing everything we can to be good parents, we couldn’t wait to welcome them into our home — officially!”

She adds, “We decided to do it on National Adoption Day, because how fun is that? And there are a ton of parties and celebrations going on.”

Courtesy Brenda Heuer

The Heuers are absolutely delighted to have the siblings officially join their family and are looking forward to a bright future.

“It’s our job as parents to teach our kids right from wrong and how to be good citizens!” says Brenda. “Everything feels right.”

But don’t count out the parents on fostering future kids: “You never know!” says Brenda.

  • With reporting by CHRISTINE LEE
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