WATCH: 7-Year-Old Girl Debuts Pink Prosthetic Blade to a Playground Full of Supportive Friends

It was the first time her friends had seen her since she got her new pink prosthetic blade — and boy, were they excited.

In touching video shot by BBC Midlands Today this week, 7-year-old girl Anu was reunited with her school classmates on the playground — where she modeled her new sports leg.

The Birmingham resident was greeted with a sea of hugs and enthusiasm by her pals, who examined her new accessory with exclamations of amazement.

One can be heard saying “Wow” while another asks, “Is that your new pink leg?”


Anu didn’t waste any time showing off what the blade could do, jetting off on the playground as her pals struggled to keep up.

“It makes me run faster and do my street dancing faster,” she told the BBC.

It’s not just good for exercise. “It has the sock to make it comfortable,” Anu added.

As for the color? “My favorite color is pink – but violet is my favorite color too.”

The specially-made sports blade was a major upgrade for Anu, who had worn a prosthetic leg since her right leg was removed shortly after her birth. It was paid for by England’s National Health Service, as part of a government initiative to help people upgrade their false limbs.

The prosthetics are estimated to cost between £2,000 and £5,000. Prosthetics are said to need replacing every two years — though the funding is due to run out next March.

Anu’s father said he’d do anything he can to pay for the prosthetics moving forward — including selling their own home.

“Being a parent, it’s my responsibility to give her all the facilities a kid would expect to sustain a normal life,” he said.”Whatever best is possible for the kids. Every parents will give you their best.”

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