Over 70 Percent of Americans Are Using Their Cars for 'Me Time' During the Pandemic

Thirty-two percent of people have turned their driver's seat into a makeshift office space

cars used for personal time
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Americans are turning to a surprising place to get some alone time during the pandemic — their cars.

A new study of 2,000 Americans who own or lease a vehicle commissioned by TrueCar and conducted by OnePoll found that 73 percent use their cars as a private space to get away from the people they live with, according to SWNS.

Beyond becoming a haven for “me time,” other activities respondents are grateful to have a car for during the pandemic include leisurely drives (56 percent), road trips (45 percent) and a way to carry home improvement supplies (37 percent).

And over a third of respondents said they have used their vehicle as a place to take business or personal phone calls.

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Thirty-two percent of people have also even turned their driver’s seat into a makeshift office space.

“The pandemic has increased our appreciation for the freedom and solitude you can get from a personal vehicle, but vehicles already hosted some of our most memorable life moments,” said Wendy McMullin, director of research at TrueCar.

Continued McMullin, “And it makes sense, we spend a lot of time with our vehicles – about seven years on average for a new car.”

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