Amazon Driver Reunites Baby with Mom After He's Stolen in Apparent Carjacking in Houston

Juan Carlos Flores called his rescue of the baby "the best thing that's happened to me in my job"

An Amazon package driver delivered a whole lot more than just his boxes last week: he helped return a newborn baby to a worried mother.

Juan Carlos Flores has been working for Amazon since the start of the pandemic, but on Jan. 18 had a wrench thrown into his typical delivery route in Houston, ABC News reported.

Flores was working in the city's Sunnyside neighborhood when he stumbled upon a 5-month-old baby, abandoned on the side of the road by an apparent carjacking suspect more than 20 minutes earlier, according to ABC affiliate KTRK.

"When I went close to the baby, I wanted to cry, because I was like, 'It's impossible the baby can be here on the side of the street alone,'" he told ABC News.

Security footage from a neighbor that was obtained by the outlet revealed the heartbreaking way the baby had wound up there: a man driving a stolen car pulled over and left him by the curb in his carseat.

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The child's terrified mother had called police, saying that her iPhone was also inside the vehicle and she was attempting to track it.

"Somebody was definitely watching over that baby," neighbor Mirna Garcia told ABC News. "Being a mom, I could only imagine what the mom was going through."

The footage shows that six vehicles passed by the child, unaware of what was happening, before Flores stepped in to save the day, bringing the baby to a neighbors' house.

"I asked them if the baby belongs to them. 'What, are you kidding me?'" Flores told ABC News. "[The police] came, like five to 10 cars of police, with the mom crying, and they told me the baby was stolen with the car."

The mother was ultimately reunited with her son thanks to Flores, who called the rescue "the best thing that's happened to me in my job."

The Houston Police Department, which did not immediately respond to PEOPLE's request for comment, are reportedly still searching for the suspect.

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