Amal Clooney Makes Passionate Plea for Justice Alongside Heroic ISIS Survivor: 'It's Really Time to Act Now'

"Victims like Nadia can't expect to wait forever," Amal Clooney said in a new interview

Janet Mayer/Splash News Online
Photo: Janet Mayer/Splash News Online

Amal Clooney is urging Iraq to take action against ISIS in a passionate new interview.

Sitting down with Reuters alongside ISIS human trafficking survivor and client Nadia Murad, the international human rights lawyer, 39, made an passionate plea to the Iraqi government to act now in the campaign to bring ISIS to justice. The interview came after a special meeting at the U.N. where Clooney gave a speech calling for the Iraqi government and the U.N. to conduct an investigation into the crimes committed by ISIS.

“We have to translate these public statements into an actual deed that will make this happen on the ground,” said Clooney, who is expecting twins with husband George Clooney. “That’s why I made a clear call at the end directly to the prime minister of Iraq to send a letter to the U.N. Security Council requesting this investigation and it will happen.”

Added the lawyer, “It’s not too much to ask, it’s really not that difficult. It’s in the interest not only of Yazidi victims but of all Iraqis because all sects of Iraq have been victims of ISIS violence. It’s really time to act now, there’s no excuse for any further delay.”

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Clooney has repeatedly spoken out against the atrocities committed by ISIS toward the Yazidi people in Iraq. The British lawyer took on Murad’s case to bring ISIS leaders to justice for what the U.N. has classified as a genocide. “Victims like Nadia can’t expect to wait forever,” she said in the interview.

In her speech, Clooney made it clear that it was up to the U.N. to make sure ISIS doesn’t “get away with genocide.”

“Excellencies, ladies and gentlemen: what is shocking here is not just the brutality of ISIS but how long those who know about it can remain passive,” she said. “If we do not change course, history will judge us, and there will be no excuse for our failure to act. We cannot say that ISIS’ crimes were not serious enough; we cannot say that the interests of powerful states stood in the way; or that these crimes are too hard to prove. That’s why I am asking you today: to stand up for justice.”

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