Madonna, Bella Hadid, Naomi Campbell and more have spoken out about war-torn Syria

By Char Adams
December 15, 2016 08:52 AM

The stars are speaking out.

As Russian officials have announced the end of the four-year war over the Syrian city of Aleppo, celebrities have taken to social media to weigh in on the battle that left many dead — including young children.

“My heart is so heavy … How could it possibly be so bad? Nobody should have to go through something so disturbing .. I am so disgusted at humanity for allowing mass murders like this to happen,” model Bella Hadid wrote in an Instagram post on Wednesday showing a man holding an injured child.

“Mothers and fathers feeling helpless, not being able to save and protect their innocent babies … real human beings are being tortured, killed, massacred, with no medicine, no hospitals, schools, shelter, food … a human being, let alone, ANY being should never have to deal with torment like this.”

On Tuesday, Russia declared the end of the war, with rebels turning over their territory to the Syrian government and evacuations of the country’s largest city beginning early on Wednesday, the New York Times reports.

The United Nations said on Tuesday that it had received reports that at least 82 civilians had been gunned down in apartments and in the streets by Syrian troops or allied Iraqi militias, according to the Times.

The bloodshed prompted some of the nation’s biggest stars to speak out, posting photos of the war-torn city.

“Pray for an End to the Genocide in Syria! 100’s of thousand’s of Innocent Children have been dragged into the meaningless Brutality and Violence in Aleppo,” Madonna wrote in an Instagram post alongside a photo of two children hugging.

“Civil War has been going on for years. Escalating into this current meltdown of humanity. Pray for Peace. Save the Children.”

Legendary model Naomi Campbell wrote in an Instagram post: “Breaks my heart that innocent children are being killed, wounded and emotionally scarred for his life #StopTheViolence #aleppo.”

In a tweet on Wednesday, singer Christina Perri urged everyone to “send more than prayers.”

“Feeling so sad & helpless about #aleppo. what can we do?? please keep talking about it,” she wrote.

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Orange is the New Black star Ruby Rose sent out a similar tweet, writing, “We can donate, we can pray and we can speak and carry the messages of the fragments we know of what’s happening in Aleppo but we need more.”

Meanwhile, stars like Pink and Chloe Bennet have urged people to help, noting organizations for people to donate to.