Alek Skarlatos spoke to PEOPLE at Dancing With The Stars on Monday night

By George Stark Patrick Gomez
October 13, 2015 12:00 AM
AP Photo/Michel Euler, Pool

After visiting Spencer Stone at the hospital over the weekend, it seems Alek Skarlatos has had his mind put at rest that his buddy will make a full recovery.

Stone has been recovering ever since he was stabbed outside a Sacramento nightclub last week, but Skarlatos tells PEOPLE they managed to share a few jokes together on Saturday at UC Davis Medical Center.

“It never gets old but he still has his sense of humor so that keeps me optimistic,” he says. “I’m sure he’ll be fine. It might just take him a minute.”

Stone and Skarlatos, both 23, are two of the three Americans who successfully hampered a terrorist attack on a French train headed to Paris in August.

Skarlatos has been recovering from an injury of his own after he broke his nose during rehearsals for .

He tells PEOPLE about the injury: “It’s nothing. I know it’s a little different shape now but no bleeding, swelling or bruising so I’m optimistic for the results tomorrow.”