"It would've been cool to keep it, but if I did keep it that wouldn't be good for the lady," Foster Dudley said
Foster Dudley, a fourth-grader from Prince of Peace Catholic School, found $900 cash while shopping at Target
Credit: Parisa Dudley

A 10-year-old Alabama boy is being praised for his good character after returning $900 to a woman who lost the cash in a local Target.

On Jan. 3, Foster Dudley stumbled upon the money while shopping at the retail store in Hoover with his mother Parisa Dudley, the Hoover Sun reported.

After spotting the envelope in the middle of an aisle, Foster opened it and found nine $100 bills. He then looked to his mother for advice on what to do, the outlet reported.

Parisa asked Foster to think about how he would feel if he lost such a large amount of money. “Mom, we have to find her and give it back,” Foster told Parisa after taking some time to think, the Hoover Sun reported.

Foster and his mother then contacted Target’s store manager Jeremy Walker, who reached out to police.

Police were able to locate the person who lost the money — since identified as a woman named Verdina Ball — due to the cashier’s receipt in the envelope with her name of it.

Two days later, Foster met up with Ball at the Target store and returned the money.

It was a happy occasion for both Foster and Ball as the two posed for photos and shared sweet hugs. Making the moment all the more special, Target presented Foster with a $100 gift card for his good deed.

Foster opened up about the incident to ABC News Channel 6, explaining he learned a lesson on integrity.

“It would’ve been cool to keep, but if I did keep it that wouldn’t be good for the lady,” Foster told ABC News Channel 6. “It was awesome to give her the money back. I felt very proud of myself and happy that I gave it back and I felt very powerful after I did it.”

Parisa did not immediately respond to PEOPLE’s request for comment.