One fire department in Oklahoma boasts a pack of new fathers
Credit: Avery Dykes

One fire department in Oklahoma boasts a pack of new fathers.

In just a little over a year, seven firefighters from the Glenpool Fire Department welcomed new additions to their families. To mark the occasion, the babies all posed with their fathers at the station — and the adorable pictures have now gone viral.

“It’s crazy how it all happened, but we are a really tight fire family, so it was a blessing in disguise for us,” Sarah Hutchinson, wife of Glenpool firefighter Dustin Hutchinson, a 10-year vet of the department, tells PEOPLE. “We never thought we would get this attention!”

The families were inspired after one of the wives came across a similar photo shoot on Pinterest and brought it to the attention of the others. They were all immediately on board with the idea, Hutchinson says, and all they had to do was wait for was the last baby to be born.

The babies, now spanning from four weeks to 15 months old, wore matching onesies that included their dad’s last name and badge numbers when they gathered together at the Glenpool station last Sunday.

Credit: Avery Dykes

But because some of the babies are already able to crawl, getting them to pose for some of the different pictures proved to be a tad difficult.

“We tried to get them all laying on their dad’s fire jackets,” Hutchinson recalls, “but it was kind of like herding cats to get them to look at the camera or stay still!”

She added: “A few of them are at the crawling age so we knew that time was limited to get their attention. So after that, we moved from there to the photo outside of the bay, and then we did one more.”

Despite the difficulties, photographer Avery Dykes—who is also a wife of one of the firefighters—managed to capture precious images of the little ones with the gear, and then with the dads themselves.

“All of the moms were there, but some of the guys weren’t on duty, so we had some of them who were on duty put on their gear and stand with us,” Hutchinson says. “Then, we had the rest of the guys who weren’t on duty come out there, too.”

Thanks to the photographs, the families all have a lasting memory of the happy coincidence that has brought them so much joy.

“The seven families are all around the same age where we are either starting a family or adding a sibling, and it was really, honestly, not planned,” Hutchinson says. “A few of the wives even struggled to get pregnant, so the timing just happened when it did. It made it even more exciting for us to be able to do this with everybody.”