March 13, 2018 04:12 PM

A text message accidentally sent to the wrong number has led to thousands of dollars in donations for a family struggling to pay for their child’s cancer treatment.

A teenage girl named Sydney thought she was texting a friend photos of a dress she was trying on at a clothing store. But the photos ended up being delivered to Tony Wood, a Tennessee realtor and father of six.

Instead of deleting the message that he knew wasn’t for him, he decided to write her back.

“I believe this message was intended for someone else,” he texted. “My wife isn’t home, so I couldn’t get her opinion, but the kids and I think you look stunning in your dress! You should definitely go with that one!”

He also sent along a photo of five of his six children posing with their thumbs up.

A friend of Syndey’s decided to post the text message exchange on Twitter, and it has since been retweeted over 173,000 times.

It didn’t take long before Wood realized his text had gone viral. And when eagle-eyed readers wondered why his sixth child was missing from the photo he sent Sydney, he responded to let people know that his second-youngest child wasn’t in the photograph because he was at the hospital getting chemotherapy for leukemia.

Go Fund Me

After mentioning his four-year-old son’s Facebook page, donations began to pour into their GoFundMe page. So far, over $36,000 has come in to help the family pay for medical expenses and time they’ve had to spend away from work.

“Based upon information given by other families that have gone through this, we have upped the goal to more accurately reflect the expenses they will potentially incur over the next 2 and a half years,” the family added on their GoFundMe page.

“Thanks for all of the support!”

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