January 05, 2017 04:19 PM

Madeline Hall would like some jam with that New Year’s Eve toast, please!

When the 3-year-old’s parents told her about the traditional salutation, the toddler could hardly contain her excitement.

” ‘Toast?! Yeah, okay sounds good!’ ” Kristin Hall tells PEOPLE her spunky daughter said as she drove with husband Bill Hall to a New Year’s Eve celebration in Newtown, Connecticut. “We were telling Madeline about the holiday and told her she could have a glass of apple cider with her toast to the new year.

“We didn’t realize she thought it literally meant a piece of bread!”

After dinner with her grandparents and extended family, Madeline couldn’t contain her excitement for the toast any longer.

“She just pipes up so loud and says, ‘Soo… Are we going to make toast now?!’ ” says Kristin of her preschool daughter. “We were like, ‘What?’ “

Obviously, Madeline meant a piece of bread (her favorite is strawberry jam with butter) — but it took a minute for the adults to get it.

“She’s so fun and takes everything very literally,” says Kristin. “The toast thing was so unintentionally clever, she had no idea how funny as it was. We didn’t want to let her down, so we made toast!”

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Kristin says Madeline was “so beyond thrilled” when the family held up the bread.

“While we were all doing it at first, everyone was like, ‘This is so silly!’ ” says Kristin. “But our whole family saw how excited she was. And we’ve decided we will definitely continue the tradition.”

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