Former combat pilot Clyde Bridger got back into a T-33 Fighter Jet decades after he flew one during the Vietnam War


A Vietnam veteran is getting back behind the wheel of the same style plane he once flew 65 years ago. 

Clyde Bridger, a 90-year-old veteran, hopped back in the cockpit of a T-33 Fighter Jet Saturday as part of a 75-year celebration of Wisconsin's Oconto J. Douglas Bake Airport, local outlet WBAY reported.

However, even though decades had passed, Bridger — who has continued to fly over the years thanks to his civilian license — told the outlet he didn't feel rusty at all.

"It's like a bicycle, you never forget how, so I'm anticipating that I won't have a problem," he said, before noting that he was also joined for the flight by the plane's owner, just in case.

Bridger was thrilled to participate in the flyover and even showed off some tricks in the air, including a 360 overhead approach and a touch-and-go landing. 

"I feel like a teenager all over again. There's not very many times that you see somebody —  especially my age — even getting into one, much less actually doing the flying," the former combat pilot told the outlet. 

At 90 years old, Vietnam combat pilot Clyde Bridger returned to the cockpit of a T-33 fighter jet--the same kind he flew 65 years ago.
Credit: 9NEWS/YouTube

Bridger joined the Air Force just days after graduating from Oconto High School, he told the outlet. After spending over 20 years in San Antonio, he retired in 1969 and returned to Wisconsin, where he's been "ever since." 

Patrick Trepanier, Chairman of Oconto Elks Airport Fly-In, told WBAY watching Bridger fly "raised a hair on the back of your neck."

"To know that a 90-year-old gentleman as Clyde, who happens to be in fantastic shape, did an awesome job, and he's a hometown boy on top of it," he said.