"I just want to help Dylan. He's my baby brother," said Andrew Emery
Credit: Team DYLAN/Facebook

Like many children around the country, Andrew Emery of Greenwood, South Carolina, decided to set up a lemonade stand over Memorial Day weekend.

But instead of pocketing his earnings — an impressive $5,860 in just two hours — Andrew had a different plan in mind, according to The Index-Journal.

The nine-year-old decided he was going to raise money to help his parents, Matt and Melissa Emery, pay the medical bills for his sick younger brother, Dylan, who is battling a rare disease, the Index-Journal reported.

“I’m gonna spend it on doctor’s bills and stuff, and buy him a teddy bear too,” Andrew told the newspaper. “I just want to help Dylan. He’s my baby brother.”

Credit: Team DYLAN/Facebook
Credit: Team DYLAN/Facebook

Dylan — who was born earlier this year — has Krabbe disease, a severe neurological condition, according to The U.S. National Library of Medicine, and is currently being cared for at a Pittsburgh hospital.

While Melissa and Matt were in Pennsylvania, Andrew sold lemonade along a local highway with help from grandparents, aunts, uncles and family friends, according to ABC News. In addition to the beverage, Andrew also sold custom t-shirts bearing Dylan’s name, the AP said.

Melissa has used a Facebook group called Team DYLAN to share updates about Dylan’s health, as well as the details of upcoming fundraisers — including a barbecue planned for June 2 — where they will continue to raise money.

And on Saturday after the lemonade stand, she thanked everyone for coming by.

“Folks we are ecstatic with the amount of support this morning!” she wrote. “Andrew and friends did a awesome job and exceeded their goal by their wildest dreams! Thanks for all of the support. This is what a community should be all about. Coming together for a common cause!”

Credit: Team DYLAN/Facebook
Credit: Team DYLAN/Facebook

Andrew’s efforts to help his brother haven’t gone unnoticed at the school he attends, Woodfields Elementary.

“We’re praying for that baby, and I’d do anything in the world to help Andrew,” Jeannie Davis, an instructional assistant at Andrew’s school, told the Index-Journal.

But it’s those closest to him who couldn’t be prouder.

Matt told ABC News, “It’s very, very sweet. Andrew is an amazing older brother and he’s just 9-years-old.”