"It makes you look at your kids in a whole different way," Kimberly Smith said of son Camdyn Smith's insistence that she seek medical help

Camdyn Smith wasn’t buying it when his mom said she just needed to lie down after having chest pains and trouble breathing.

Kimberly Smith was caring for Camdyn’s newborn baby brother, and the single mom of three simply thought she would feel better if she briefly put the baby down and took a nap.

But Camdyn knew better.

“When I got home she had trouble breathing, and she said it hurt whenever she took a breath, so I told her she needed to go to the hospital, but she kept saying she just wanted to stay here,” the fourth grader told KING 5 in Washington state.

When his mother continued to push back, Camdyn took things a step further.

“I kept saying that we needed to go. So, I just went and got my shoes and coat on and told her we needed to go,” Camdyn said.

Finally, Kimberly relented — and her decision to listen to her young son likely saved her life.

An initial visit to the doctor led to a frantic hospital visit via ambulance, where emergency room doctors discovered she was suffering from pulmonary embolisms, with both lungs full of blood clots.

“If I had taken the nap, there’s a good chance it would’ve been a very different outcome,” Kimberly Smith told the news station. “A sad one.”

It turns out Camdyn had learned the signs of pulmonary embolisms from his physical education teacher, Timathi Fitzpatrick, who had battled one herself and taught the class about them.

“Something stuck with him pretty well!” Fitzpatrick told KING 5.

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Camdyn’s mom, meanwhile, is now resting at home after spending seven days in the hospital — and doctors told her she was lucky she listened to her son.

“He is definitely my hero,” she said. “They say your life flashes before your eyes, and it’s true. It makes you look at your kids in a whole different way.”

A GoFundMe account has been set up to help offset the family’s medical expenses. Click here to donate.