A California boy hiked alone through the snow to save his dad, who was trapped under a snowmobile near South Lake Tahoe
Credit: ABC 13

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1. California Boy Hikes Through Snow to Rescue Dad Pinned Under Snowmobile

A 9-year-old California boy hiked alone through the snow to save his dad, who was trapped under a snowmobile near South Lake Tahoe last Sunday, reports KGO-TV. Bode Beirdneau and his father, John Taylor, were in an area of the Northern California backcountry where there was no cell signal, and they did not have a GPS.

At first, the boy tried to dig his dad out from under the snowmobile, but his fingers became numb. Bode then began his trek through the snow, eventually finding a tour group, which radioed first responders for help. “I was pretty nervous and it was just a lot of pressure on me I didn’t know where to go and it was really hard,” Bode told KGO-TV.

Bode is not exactly shy about his newfound status as a courageous rescuer. When KGO-TV asked him if he knew he was a hero, he replied, “Um, yeah.”

2. Crossing Guard Saves Man Who Fell on Railroad Tracks from Oncoming Train

A crossing guard pulled a pedestrian from railroad tracks as a freight train was bearing down on him Wednesday morning in Brockville in Ontario, a town 70 miles south of Ottawa.

Penny Easter, 40, was working her shift when she saw the man, who was walking his dog, trip on the nearby tracks just after the warning lights turned on, reports Canoe.

Easter says she then threw down her stop sign and rushed to help the man, who was lying face-first and calling for his dog, Benny. She grabbed his arm to pull him up, and secured his dog, telling the man they needed to get off the tracks since the train was fast approaching. The man was not injured, though Easter suspects he was in shock.

3. Kansas Boy Donates Bone Marrow to Younger Brother

Eleven-year-old Zachary Hofen is being hailed as a hero after he donated bone marrow to his brother, Braden.

The harvesting procedure took about two-and-a-half hours, Zach s father told FOX 4. Braden, 9, has been battling childhood cancer for years and was diagnosed with treatment-induced pre-leukemia last summer.

Zach returned to his Olathe, Kan., home on April 4 after donating at a Philadelphia hospital earlier in the week. Firefighters, military members, family and others from the community gathered to greet a surprised Hofen at his return and presented him with a plaque commemorating his bravery.

4. Canadian Snowboarders Dig Two Men Out of Avalanche

A Canadian man s avalanche training was put to good use last Tuesday in Banff, Alberta. Ben Peterson and his friend Beau Evans were enjoying what seemed like perfect snowboarding conditions when the avalanche suddenly struck their slope, reports CBC News. A fellow surviving snowboarder named Andrew told them that two other men had been hit by the snowslide.

The three men sprung into action, using mandatory transmission gear to locate the trapped men. Both were found about 3 feet below the surface, one of them unconscious and bleeding. The men were airlifted to a hospital and are expected to live.

5. North Carolina K-9 Police Dog Saves Five People from House Fire

A North Carolina family is lucky to be alive thanks to the actions of Cash, a K-9 a police dog for the Hoke County Sheriff s department, reports WBTW.

The 4-year-old canine barked loudly after smoke began filling their home, where his assigned officer, Deputy William Patterson, lived with his fianc and three of their five children. Two of their children were not home at the time of the blaze. The home was completely destroyed by the fire.

Cash is trained in narcotics and search and rescue, but not in fires or explosives, making his alerting action even more heroic. Patterson says his canine partner is like family. “You get so much attached to these dogs, like they’re your own,” Patterson told WBTW. “What it is, you grow this bond with them. They’re like my best friend. We’re constantly with each other 24/7.”

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