Connecticut Boy, 9, Saves Baby Sister's Life by Translating CPR Instructions to His Mother

Caua Almeida is being hailed as a hero after he translated a dispatcher's CPR instructions to his mom when his baby sister stopped breathing


A 9-year-old Connecticut boy is being hailed a hero for translating a dispatcher’s CPR instructions to his mother after his baby sister stopped breathing over the weekend.

Caua Almeida sprang into action Saturday afternoon after he and his mother, Grazzielle, noticed baby Anna Julia had choked on her vomit and wasn’t breathing, WTNH.

“I was scared that my baby sister could possibly get hurt,” Caua told WTNH of the 1-month-old infant.


The pair called the police, but Grazzielle was too frantic to speak with the dispatcher. So, Caua took over, relaying the dispatcher’s CPR instructions to his mother in her native language, Portuguese, WVIT reports.

“She isn’t breathing and she isn’t making any noises,” Caua told the dispatcher.

The dispatcher gave instructions to lay the baby flat, kneel beside her and check her mouth to see if there was anything blocking her airway. Caua translated the instructions and, within seconds, baby Anna Julia was breathing again, according to WVIT.

“He was calm, cool, collected and brave,” the dispatcher, Ashley Romano, told WTNH.

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Danbury fire spokesperson Jamie Gagliardo praised Caua in a statement, according to WSPA.

“The mother did everything that he relayed, but him being able to remain calm helped the mother remain calm, helped her through the instructions, and really made a big difference,” Gagliardo said. “I’m happy that she isn’t in that situation anymore.”

Anna Julia was taken to a local hospital and is doing well, WSPA reports.

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