88-Year-Old Sings 'Happy Birthday' to Herself amid Coronavirus and Sends Video to Family

Norma Gregorio was sent a birthday cake by her family when they couldn't see her in person due to coronavirus restrictions

One determined grandmother did not let coronavirus stand in the way of her birthday celebration.

To commemorate Norma Gregorio’s milestone 88th birthday on March 25, her granddaughter Jessica Kerrigan had a cake delivered to her home since she couldn’t be with her due to social distancing precautions.

“Since we could not physically celebrate her birthday or bring her a cake because of the virus, I decided to order her a cake made out of flowers online, she loves flowers,” Kerrigan tells PEOPLE.

But the family was in for a gift of their own when Gregorio surprised them with a video message that showed her sweetly singing “Happy Birthday” to herself and blowing out her candles — and she was clearly having a blast.

“When she got the flower cake, she decided to record herself and send it to us,” Kerrigan recalls. “I thought it was so cute so I uploaded it to my TikTok not thinking it would anything of it. Next thing I know, millions of people are watching, commenting and sharing it.”

woman sings happy birthday to herself

The heartwarming video quickly went viral on TikTok and became even more popular when Kerrigan uploaded it to her Instagram page. As of Tuesday afternoon, the video has more than 75,000 views on the platform and hundreds of comments.

“I told my grandma that I was getting messages from all over the world wishing her a happy birthday, and she didn’t believe me, she thought I was kidding,” Kerrigan adds.

The birthday messages have continued to flood in for Gregorio every day.

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“Every day I update her on messages and comments from people,” Kerrigan says. “I’ve gotten messages from some people who know her personally. I also told her Millie Bobby Brown from Stranger Things saw it, but she was more excited about her physical therapist seeing it!”

So far, Gregorio is enjoying her newfound stardom, according to her granddaughter.

“She absolutely loves the attention so much,” she says. “I told her she’s a star, and she said ‘No Jessica, I’m not a star, I am a galaxy!’ “

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