85-Year-Old Italian Grandma Hilariously Tries to Use Google Home For First Time: 'OK Goo Goo!'

One grandmother had a bit of a difficult time using Google's popular smart speaker, with hilarious results

One adorable grandmother had a bit of a difficult time using a popular smart device she received for Christmas, but that didn’t stop her from trying—even if her husband was less than impressed!

For her family’s Secret Santa exchange this year, 85-year-old Maria Actis received a Google Home Mini—one of the popular editions of the company’s line of smart speakers—from her grandson’s girlfriend, Becky Siegel. Maria couldn’t wait to give her toy a spin, so she placed it out on the family’s kitchen table to see what the hype was all about. But the device presented a bit of a learning curve for the first-timer, and her grandson, Ben Actis, filmed what followed.

“My grandmother was very excited to show everyone her new gift, but she obviously needed a little help using it,” Actis, an Offensive Security Engineer at Facebook, tells PEOPLE. “The whole day was like that with her!”

Italian grandmother learning to use Google homeCourtesy Ben Actis
Courtesy Ben Actis

In the video, Maria—from Flagler Beach, Florida—is seen hilariously shouting,”I’m glad to meet you!” and “What is the weather today?” at the device. Confused, Maria’s husband simply asks, “What is this thing?” upon seeing his wife scream commands at the circular object with glowing lights.

Typically, users say “OK, Google” or “Hey, Google,” to turn on the device, but Maria’s attempts sound more like “OK, Goo Goo!” and “Hay Coo Coo!” Even so, the smart speaker finally answers when Maria asks for the weather, and she stands to her feet with amazement.

“I’m scared. I’m scared, it’s a mystery,” she says upon hearing the machine’s voice. “Oh my gosh!”

Feeling a little more than motivated at this point, she asks “Goo Goo” to play her favorite Italian song. When it doesn’t, the frustrated grandmother shouts, “Do it!”

The footage of Maria has received more than 132,000 views on YouTube since it was posted on Dec. 27, and Ben isn’t surprised his cute grandmother has found a bit of internet fame.

“There’s a ton of stories where’s she’s like this, such as the time she fell off the back of my grandfather’s the motorcycle the day before their wedding and he didn’t notice,” he says. “She’s absolutely this adorable.”

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