50-Year-Old Wash. Man Rescued After Getting Trapped Underneath 1,500-Pound Bale of Hay

Authorities said the man did not have permission to be on the hay owner's property and had not purchased the hay

man trapped under a bale of hay
The bale of hay that the man became trapped underneath. Photo: Franklin County Sheriff’s Office

A Washington man has miraculously survived after authorities said he became trapped underneath a 1,500-pound bale of hay.

The incident was confirmed in a statement by the Franklin County Sheriff's Office on their Facebook page Monday morning.

Authorities said they were dispatched to Peterson Road around 5 a.m. local time for a report regarding a man — whose identity has not been released — trapped underneath a bale of hay.

When they arrived, police found a 50-year-old local man under "a big bale," which they noted weighed approximately 1,500 pounds.

"According to the farmer/hay owner, the man did not have permission to be on his property and had not purchased the hay," the Franklin County Sheriff's Office wrote in their post.

man trapped under a bale of hay
First responders rescuing the man from underneath the hay. Franklin County Sheriff’s Office

Officials with the police and fire department were able to dig the man out before airlifting him to a local hospital to receive medical attention, according to their statement.

In a statement to PEOPLE, Sheriff Jim Raymond says the man suffered "serious" back and neck injuries after being pinned down and folded in two by approximately one ton of hay.

"He had been in this state for quite some time," Raymond says. "He was talking when extracted from under the hay, but not without pain. Lucky he didn't suffocate laying there for who knows how long."

man trapped under a bale of hay
Authorities at the scene of the incident. Franklin County Sheriff’s Office

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Raymond also notes that the suspect will face felony theft charges for being on the farmer's property without permission.

The Franklin County Sheriff's Office is currently investigating the incident, according to their post.

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