5 Siblings Adopted Together by Texas Family After Spending Time Apart in Foster Care

Andi and Thomas Bonura are proud parents to eight kids total, five of which they officially adopted via Zoom call in May

Andi and Thomas Bonura of Texas, adopted Thomas, 8, Carter, 8, David, 6, Gabrielle, 4 and Bryson, 2
Andi and Thomas Bonura's eight children. Photo: Andi Bonura

Five siblings that were living apart in foster care have been reunited permanently thanks to one loving Texas family.

On May 6, husband and wife Andi and Thomas Bonura decided to officially adopt siblings Thomas, 8, Carter, 8, David, 6, Gabrielle, 4 and Bryson, 2, facilitated by DePelchin Children's Center via Zoom call.

Now, the couple are legal parents to eight kids total: their five newly adopted children and their biological children Joey, 11, Sadie, 10 and Daphne, 8.

"These are their brothers and sisters and there's no argument," Andi told Good Morning America in an interview published Monday. "The kids have been through a lot but they're the sweetest. They're amazing — and resilient."

Andi said that for years, she and Thomas wanted to adopt due to her struggles to conceive. She lost one pregnancy then became pregnant with twins, who arrived early at 25 weeks.

One of the twins, Eli, did not survive, while Joey, now 11, has cerebral palsy and is visually impaired — only able to communicate through sign language.

"He's very smart ... whenever people start to pity him, I tell them, 'Don't.' He's the happiest kid in this house," Andi told GMA of Joey.

The mom went on to give birth to daughters Sadie and Daphne, neither of which she was able to carry full term — solidifying Andi's decision to not have any more children biologically.

In 2017, Andi and Thomas got licensed to become foster parents, she told GMA. That November, they began fostering baby Bryson straight from the hospital.

David and Gabrielle soon joined their brother in the Bonura's care, while older twin brothers Thomas and Carter, who lived with other families, would come to the home and visit their siblings.

Not long after, the Bonuras were given the legal opportunity to adopt all five kids as their own.

"One day we got a call saying, '[The parents] are terminating rights. Do you want them?'" Bonura recalled. "We said yes."

After the adoption was finalized, the Bonuras neighbors organized a car parade with family and friends to celebrate the new family of ten.

"They're fun to be around and they're the greatest kids," Andi said. "God's hand was in it. Our family is complete."

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