Aissata Kante died on Tuesday, just days after a fire broke out in her family's apartment building in Harlem, New York

Adianatou-Nene Korouma and four year old daughter
Credit: GoFundMe

A young girl from Harlem has died as a result of an apartment fire last week that claimed the life of one of her parents.

As a fire burned through Adianatou-Nene Korouma's New York apartment building early Friday morning, she did her best to escape with her two children, details a GoFundMe page set up to benefit her family.

But despite her efforts, Korouma died, and her children — 4-year-old Aissata Kante and 3-week-old, Souleyman — were hospitalized.

"Nene tried to escape alone with the children through the smoke-filled hallway, succumbed to the fumes, and lost her life," GoFundMe organizers said.

Papa Kante, Korouma's husband, was working at the time of the tragedy.

"I come right away. When I answered the phone, right away I called 911 when [my wife] told me she could not get out," Kante recalled to WCBS of the morning of the fire, the cause of which remains under investigation. "She said she could not get out, it's too much smoke."

Tragically, the news station reported that Aissata died on Tuesday after being listed in stable condition over the weekend. An update on the donation page said she had been unconscious and on a ventilator before her death.

"No words," a campaign update said.

The GoFundMe page has raised over $21,000 as of Wednesday afternoon, and funds will go toward helping Kante pay for his daughter and wife's funerals.

Kante said he plans to bury Korouma with her family and ancestors in Africa.

"She's a lovely wife. I love her and she's a very good person," he told WCBS.

An 81-year-old Vietnam War veteran who lived in the building also died, the outlet reported. Other residents were treated for smoke inhalation and other non-life-threatening injuries.

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The condition of the newborn, Souleyman, has not been publicly revealed.

"No family should have to face this," a donor on the GoFundMe page wrote.

"Bless this man and his infant son. His wife and daughter were taken, just a few blocks away from my home. I pray he can find peace."