Despite his mom being hours away from giving birth, a 4-year-old did his best to get her to come home

A 4-year-old boy did his best to melt his mom’s heart in an attempt to persuade her to come home from the hospital. But there was just one little thing keeping her there—she was preparing to give birth to his new baby sister!

Glow Wilson was three days into a hospital stay on June 8 waiting to give birth to her sixth child, when her 4-year-old son, Bryce, came to see her. But Bryce didn’t intend for it just to be any other visit—he came prepared to convince his mom that he immediately needed her back home and that she could delay the birth for another day.

“It felt so wonderful hearing what he was saying, I felt I just had to record it,” Wilson, 35, from North Hills, California, tells PEOPLE. “The things he was saying were so special, and it really showed me he understood what needing me meant.”

Wilson recorded Bryce’s adorable spiel and posted it to Instagram, where it has since received thousands of views and comments. While Wilson says her son has always been affectionate toward her—it’s not uncommon that he’ll bring her flowers—she couldn’t predict all of the sweet (and surprising) things he would say in order to get her to leave with him.

“We need you. We need our mama. We need you to stay alive and we don’t want nothing to happen to you,” Bryce, wearing a blue Los Angeles Dodgers shirt, tells his mom in the Instagram video.

Then, Wilson tries to remind Bryce why she is there in the first place.

“That’s why I’m in the hospital, so they can take out your sister, and I can come home after they take her out,” Wilson says.

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Young Bryce even tells his mom that the doctors could deliver his sister “tomorrow.” And she tells him that doctors aren’t planning to take the baby out until days later. Wilson tries to comfort Bryce by reminding him he stills has his siblings and father at home.

Credit: Glow Wilson

“I don’t need no brothers, I don’t need no dad. I just need you!” he says without hesitation.

Wilson says watching her son’s pleas made her realize how much being away from her children, even for a relatively short period of time, can affect them.

“I cried while I was recording it, but I tried to stay as strong as possible because I wanted to convince him I was going to be okay,” Wilson says. “At the same time, I was really scared to see that it was touching him like that. Thinking about it right now makes me want to cry.”


Yet, Bryce did not have to wait long after his visit for his mom to come home. Wilson gave birth to her daughter, Dream, via C-section, just a day later. She says her baby girl is doing well and “growing every day,” and Bryce loves his new little sister—even if she kept mom away for a few days.

“Bryce really has an awesome personality,” Wilson says. “He is always affectionate, and hopefully everyone can get to see him for who he is all the time.”