Toddler Starts Clothing Drive for Alaska's Homeless: 'I Don't Want Them to Sleep on a Piece of Cardboard'

"It genuinely hurt his heart to realize there are people that go without," his mother, Destinee McClung, said


This holiday season, 3-year-old Patrick McClung has decided to help the homeless population in his hometown of Anchorage, Alaska.

When Patrick’s mother, Destinee McClung, explained to her son that some people don’t have homes to live in or food to eat, the little boy’s heart immediately went out to the less fortunate.

“It hurts my heart,” McClung says to her distraught son in a tender moment caught on video.

“Me too,” says Patrick suppressing a sob.

“I don’t want them to sleep on a piece of cardboard,” he adds.

So the altruistic toddler decided to do something about it.

Patrick and his mom made signs that read “Patrick’s Homelessness Project,” and set up cardboard boxes all around Anchorage asking for cold weather clothing, socks, blankets, shoes and toy donations that they could be delivered to a local homeless shelter.

“It’s for all the people, and they don t have homes, they’re very cold,” Patrick told KTVA Alaska.

In the weeks since the drive began, bins have been set up and Patrick and his mom have received seven large bags full of donations, with more and more coming in every day, according to the news station.

Patrick even sold his toy train for $20, so he could buy supplies like socks, shampoo and toothbrushes to give the homeless in his hometown.

But the 3-year-old’s charitable inclinations don’t stop there – he has also started volunteering at a local soup kitchen.

“He’s 3, and everyone he knows has a house and has food and toys, so it really genuinely hurt his heart to kind of realize there are people that go without,” his mother told KTVA Alaska.

“I m so proud of him. I think a lot of us aren’t looking to help. We just live our lives, we’re just used to homeless people and all of the issues that are around us – it’s just normal,” she adds.

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