3 Sisters Were Born on the Same Day, Each 3 Years Apart: 'It Simply Feels Surreal,' Says Mom

"We certainly did not plan for them to share the exact same birthdays," Kristin Lammert says of her daughters Sophia, Giuliana and Mia, who were all born on Aug. 25

Lammert Family
From left: Giuliana, Mia, and Sophia Lammert. Photo: courtesy The Lammert Family

A set of Florida parents have been blessed three times over, as they've welcomed all three daughters on the very same day, exactly three years apart.

Kristin Lammert tells PEOPLE that she never expected to give birth to her three girls on the same day, but Sophia, 6, Giuliana, 3, and Mia, 2 months, clearly had other plans.

Though each girl has their own unique story as to how they entered the world, all made their grand entrance on August 25 — Sophia in 2015, Giuliana in 2018, and Mia in 2021.

"It simply feels surreal," says Kristin. "We were not 'aiming' for this, but we find it to be incredibly special, unique, and like it was fate."

Lammert Family
Kristin and Nick Lammert's daughters. courtesy Lammert Family

The Lammert's triple miracle started back in 2015 when the Oviedo-based mom was pregnant with the couple's first child.

"My pregnancy was an incredibly easy one. Zero complications throughout," she shares. "At the very end of the pregnancy, I had consistent contractions, but they weren't progressing past two centimeters."

"I wound up being induced due to the baby's heart rate lowering during contractions," she continues. "[Sophia] was able to be delivered safely. My due date was August 23, 2015, and she was born on August 25, two days late."

Lammert Family
Giuliana and Sophia Lammert with their little sister Mia. courtesy The Lammert Family

During her second pregnancy with Giuliana, Kristin admits it "was a little more challenging" due to the constant nausea she felt.

"The baby was thriving the whole time," she recalls. "I thought it was totally possible that my second-born could come early. However, since I needed an induction the first time, I knew that she would have to make that happen on her own. My doctors would never induce early 'just because.' "

Giuliana must've sensed that — and at Kristin's final obstetrician appointment, she had slightly elevated blood pressure, which made the doctor send her to the hospital for an induction.

"When I suddenly developed high blood pressure at the end, I have joked that that was Giuliana's way of making sure she shared birthdays with Sophia," Kristin says. "My due date with Giuliana was August 29, 2018, and she was born on August 25, 4 days early."

Lammert Family
The Lammert family. courtesy The Lammert Family

Three years later, it was Mia's time to shine — but not without a few bumps in the road.

"Although Mia was thriving, I got COVID-19 at the beginning of my pregnancy. I was only 10 weeks along, and after that, I was being closely monitored for any complications that may [have] come about," Kristin explains.

"In the final days of pregnancy, I developed high blood pressure, a constant headache, and extreme swelling," she continues. "I got induced two weeks early due to preeclampsia, and that was honestly a complete shock. Mia was due September 8, 2021, and she was born on August 25, 14 days early."

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With three of their daughters now sharing birthdays — a likelihood that has about an 8 in 1 million chance, according to University of Minnesota sociology professor Rob Warren — Kristin says she and her husband Nick were left stunned.

"We always knew that we wanted to have three children three years apart, but we certainly did not plan for them to share the exact same birthday," she says. "You never know how fertility will work itself out, but we specifically 'chose' to not try for our third until it would possibly cause us to have a September due date. But, clearly, baby Mia had a plan of her own."

Lammert Family
The Lammert family right before Mia was born. courtesy The Lammert Family

When they finally relayed the news to their two older girls about Mia's arrival, Kristin says they were beyond excited.

"I remember being on the phone with the girls while my husband and I were in the hospital," she recalls. "My parents were watching them, and they were anxiously awaiting phone updates on whether or not they were going to get birthday buddies."

"At first, we thought August 23, then the 24th," she continues. "Once I called them to tell them that their baby sister was going to be born that day on August 25, I heard the biggest squeals ever."

"They were so excited to go to school and tell their teachers and friends," the mom of three adds. "The girls absolutely love sharing birthdays."

Lammert Family
The Lammert girls. courtesy The Lammert Family

It's not just a birth date that the youngsters share, either — Kristin says her girls have also developed an unbreakable bond.

"They are incredibly close to each other," she says. "They have a special relationship and friendship, and it's really sweet to see."

"Sophia has always been so kind and nurturing. She's the 'mother' of the group. Giuliana has always been the goofball, but she's so gentle and nurturing towards 'her baby,' " she adds. "They fight over who gets to hold her more. They love to snuggle, and I love matching them all the time."

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Looking ahead to the future, Kristin says she's excited to "see their personalities develop over time."

"Sophia and Giuliana have such a tight bond, that I joke — and hope — that they will allow Mia into their 'squad'. So far, it looks like they will," she says. "I'm so excited for all the future birthday extravaganzas, to create lasting family memories and all the future family vacations."

As for what she's most excited for?

"We look forward to people's reactions when we tell them our fun family fact," Kristin says. "Our family dog, Koda Bear, also has an August 25th birthday and turned 16 this year. It's so funny to see people's reactions. It's still as unbelievable to me as it is to them!"

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