Calif. Cops at 'Loss for Words' After 3 Cars Fall into Sinkhole on Marked Closed Road: 'This Can't Be Real'

California Highway Patrol's Tracy Division has advised motorists not to "drive around the barricades" during the closure of Kasson Road

road closed signs
Photo: CHP Tracy/Facebook

Three cars have crashed into the same sinkhole in California in the last two weeks — despite the road being clearly marked with "Road Closed" signs.

California Highway Patrol's Tracy Division announced the "long term" closure of Kasson Road between Durham Ferry Road and the entrance to the San Joaquin River Club on Jan. 17 after a compromised retention pond caused the roadway to erode, and eventually collapse.

Authorities have advised motorists not to "drive around the barricades" during the closure, but multiple people have not heeded the warning.

"THIS CAN'T BE REAL!" the department wrote in a Facebook on Jan. 26 following another crash at the site.

road closed signs
CHP Tracy/Facebook

The first crash occurred on Jan. 17, the same day Kasson Road was first closed.

Photos from the incident, shared by CHP Tracy, show an SUV partially submerged in the floodwaters directly next to the "ROAD CLOSED" sign.

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road closed signs
Marked road. CHP Tracy/Facebook

Nine days later, a silver sedan plunged into the sinkhole. CHP Tracy shared photos of the vehicle's precarious position, as well as the various barricades it had to avoid beforehand.

"We're at a loss for words. If only there were signs and/or barriers that could have prevented this…" the department wrote.

road closed signs
CHP Tracy/Facebook

The latest incident occurred when a four-door pickup truck descended into the sinkhole after avoiding the signage.

"It happened again. We can't make this stuff up," the department wrote on Saturday.

CHP Tracy said that the crash was "100 percent preventable," and that the driver had been cited.

"There is no excuse," the department wrote. "The signs are clear, visible, and unobstructed."

road closed signs
Car in sinkhole. CHP Tracy/Facebook

Many motorists commute to Stockton, Manteca and Modesto via Kasson Road, according to CHP Tracy.

The department said it understands that some drivers "are frustrated about the road closure," but urges them to follow the rules of the road.

CHP Tracy listed three alternate routes around Kasson Road in its Jan. 18 post on their Facebook page.

"If you come across a road closure, turn around, and find a different route," the department wrote Saturday.

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