22-Year-Old Man Dies While Competing in a Utah Marathon — Just 7 Months After His Wedding

Hayden Holman was remembered as "a climber, lover, husband, believer, marathoner and a man with a big heart"

Hayden Holman and wife
Hayden Holman and his wife Charlotte. Photo: gofundme

A 22-year-old man's life was tragically cut short over the weekend after he died while competing in a Utah marathon.

The family of Hayden Holman has been left heartbroken following the tragedy, which they say occurred just seven months after he tied the knot with his now-wife Charlotte, NBC affiliate KSL-TV reported.

"Hayden was one of the most outgoing and nicest people," Hayden's stepmom, Karin Holman, told the outlet. "He loved everyone and wore his heart on his sleeve. He will be missed for a long time."

While racing in the St. George Marathon in Utah on Saturday with family members, Hayden, of Sugar City, Idaho, suddenly collapsed and stopped breathing, KSL-TV reported.

"He called [family members] when he was two minutes from the finish line to make sure someone was there to take a picture," Karin explained to the outlet. "But he never showed up."

Though emergency personnel quickly responded to the scene and began to perform CPR, Hayden remained unresponsive, according to KSL-TV.

Hayden Holman and wife
Hayden Holman and his wife Charlotte. Leetchi

At one point, medics were able to get Hayden's heart beating again and rushed him to the hospital, but it was sadly too late and he later died, the outlet reported.

At this time, Hayden's cause of death is unknown. An autopsy is expected to be scheduled and a funeral will be held on Oct. 11 at Coltrin Mortuary & Crematory in Idaho Falls, according to KSL-TV.

As his family grapples with the devastating loss, they're finding comfort in sharing beloved memories of Hayden.

Speaking to KSL-TV, loved ones said Hayden was "a strong, athletic, young man, who wrestled in high school and loved rock climbing and hiking."

His family also noted to the outlet that Hayden was attending Brigham Young University-Idaho in Rexburg at the time of his death and had recently served a Latter-day Saint mission in Montreal, Canada.

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On a Leetchi Money Pot, which is a European online fundraiser that was set up on behalf of his wife Charlotte, loved ones stated how Hayden was "a climber, lover, husband, believer, marathoner and a man with a big heart."

"It won't bring him back, but will certainly help ease the burden on our dearest Charlotte in these trying times," the page states. "Always aiming for the sky, he has perfectly, and in every way, succeeded in ensuring that he and Charlotte live a dream life together since they met and especially since their brilliant and divine marriage last February."

The Leetchi page's organizer, Ferreira Wiliam, added that Hayden's final gift to his wife was a piano.

"Notes and harmonies will be his voice until that radiant day when they will meet again," Wiliam wrote. "While some will be forever blessed by her example, words, deeds and loving presence, she will always be blessed with... support from across the heavens. Because nothing will separate them, even death."

So far, the Leetchi Money Pot has raised 890 euros (approximately $1,034.18) for Charlotte. A GoFundMe page was also set up by Hayden and Charlotte's friends and it has raised over $13,000.

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