18-Year-Old Woman Rescued from Chimney After Getting Locked Out of Her Nevada Home

The Henderson Fire Department said the teenager "got stuck just above the flue" and had to be rescued with a rope system

teen rescued from chimney
Firefighters rescuing the teen from the chimney. Photo: Henderson Fire Department

A Nevada teen's attempt to get back into her locked house went terribly wrong this week after authorities say they had to rescue her from the chimney.

The Henderson Fire Department confirmed the incident in a post on Facebook, noting that the 18-year-old woman was successfully rescued from the chimney without any injuries.

"Henderson firefighters are trained for confined space rescue and pulled the uninjured girl to safety in about half an hour," they wrote in the post.

Officials said they were called to the teen's single-story house in Henderson on Tuesday morning.

Once they arrived at the scene, firefighters learned that the woman tried to climb through the chimney after getting locked out of her home, according to their post.

While she was attempting to get down the chimney, the teen got stuck just above the flue, the post stated.

Firefighters said they had to use a rope system to perform the rescue on the teen before pulling her to safety.

teen rescued from chimney
Firefighters rescuing the teen from the chimney. Henderson Fire Department

In response to their post, several Facebook users commended the fire department for their work and expressed concern for the teen.

"Wow!!!! I hope she's ok and hopefully, she learned what not to do," wrote one user.

"Great work HFD as always!" added someone else.

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Others couldn't help but compare her to Santa Claus, but getting stuck in a chimney is no laughing matter. In November 2015, a suspected burglar died while stuck in a California chimney after the homeowner unknowingly lit a fire, according to NBC News.

A few years later, in June 2019, a 14-year-old girl, also from California, had to be rescued from a chimney after getting stuck while attempting to get into her locked home.

Later that year, a man from England died after spending nearly 15 hours trapped in a chimney.

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