'Happiest' 18-Month-Old Boy Dies After Car Hits His Stroller on the Sidewalk During Crash

"He was such an amazing, sweet, and caring boy who truly brightened the lives of his family and those around him every day," a GoFundMe reads of Sebastian Morales

Sebastian Chavez Morales
Sebastian Chavez Morales. Photo: GoFundMe

A California mother has been left heartbroken after her son was tragically killed in a car crash over the weekend.

Anna Morales said she's still struggling to wrap her head around the devastating incident, which claimed the life of her 18-month-old son Sebastian Chavez Morales.

"I feel like this is a nightmare that I'm just trying to wake up from," Anna explained to KABC. "I try to take a nap, I wake up. I look for him. It's so painful."

The incident unfolded early Sunday morning in North Hills, according to a press release from the Los Angeles Fire Department.

Around 7:30 a.m., two vehicles collided on the street, leading one of them to strike a nearby wall and then careen towards an adult female and the 18-month-old boy, fire officials said.

KABC and NBC affiliate KNSD reported that Sebastian was in his stroller on the sidewalk when the car came barreling towards him and pinned him down.

The young boy was with his grandparents at the time, who have worked as food vendors selling tamales outside Our Lady of Peace church for years, according to KABC.

"I don't know exactly what happened because I just [heard] the noise of the two cars crash," Alfredo Morales, the boy's grandfather, told the outlet. "And one of them came directly to the baby."

According to KABC, one of the drivers stayed at the scene, while the other left the scene, but later came forward to police. That driver was interviewed but no arrests or charges have been made, per the outlet.

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Following the incident, fire officials said the adult female — not related to Sebastian, per KABC — was transported to a hospital in serious condition.

The toddler was also transported in "grave condition" but later died of his injuries, according to a GoFundMe page set up on behalf of the Morales family.

"Sebastian was in critical condition and unfortunately passed due to his injuries," the page reads. "He was such an amazing, sweet, and caring boy who truly brightened the lives of his family and those around him every day."

"He was the sweetest, happiest baby who had such a bright future ahead of him," the page continues. "His sweet smile and character was enough to light up any room."

Since the page was set up early Monday morning, it has raised more than $20,000.

As she continues to grieve her son, Anna is remembering all the happy memories she shared with Sebastian.

"I just lost my son over something that could have been prevented," she told KNSD. "He was always smiling. Always dancing. He loved to dance. Anywhere he went everyone smiled at him. He was very loved by everyone."

She also noted how the tragedy was especially devastating because of how much her son had already been through.

"He was a preemie," she told KABC. "He was in the NICU for 65 days. I watched him fight for his life when he was born and it's crazy an accident like this has taken him from me."

Those interested in donating to Sebastian's GoFundMe page can do so here.

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