A private plane carrying 13 people was found in the northern state of Coahuila

By Jason Duaine Hahn
May 06, 2019 07:47 PM

The wreckage of a private plane that carried seven men and six women was located in Northern Mexico on Monday, government officials announced. There were no survivors.

The hunt for the missing plane began after flight controllers lost contact with it as the aircraft traveled over the Mexican state of Coahuila, governor Miguel Riquelme told reporters on Monday. At that point, the plane was more than a hundred miles northwest of its destination, the city of Monterrey, and nearly 114 miles southwest of the United States-Mexico border, FOX 5 reported.

During the flight, the aircraft was leveled at 37,000 feet before it started to gain and lose altitude, the news station added. When the plane later climbed to more than 40,000 feet, FlightAware — a flight tracking website — was unable to follow its course.

After the aircraft failed to make its scheduled Sunday night, its wreckage was found via aerial surveillance this morning, according to NBC Las Vegas.

The plane — a twin-engine Bombardier Challenger 601 — carried three crew members and 10 passengers who had visited Las Vegas for this weekend’s match between Mexican boxing star Canelo Alvarez and American fighter Daniel Jacobs at the T-Mobile Arena on Saturday, CNN reported.

The flight from Las Vegas to Monterrey was planned to last just over two hours.

A photograph uploaded to Twitter by Mexican news outlet Telediario showed charred remnants of the plane. Much of its body had disintegrated, leaving only black scorches in the ground and broken pieces of its wings and tail.

As of early Monday afternoon, officials were still on their way to inspect the site, Fernando Orta of Coahuila’s emergency services department told Reuters.

“The land is rather mountainous,” he explained, so they’re going to take a while longer to arrive.”

According to Reuters, the ages of the passengers span from as young as 19 to as old as 57. Local news outlets have reported the names of those believed to be on board, but authorities have yet to publically release the identities of the dead.

The crash comes just a day after a Russian plane caught fire and burst into flames while landing at Moscow’s Sheremetyevo airport on Sunday, killing 41 people, including one American.