December 20, 2016 04:29 PM

It starts like a lot of other letters to Santa do: “Dear Santa, I believe in you.” But then it takes a pretty unexpected turn: “I don’t want toys for me, I only want a healthy heart for my mom.”

Arnulfo Guerra, Jr.’s letter made into the hands of a Channelview, Texas, social worker working at Anthony Aguirre Junior High, who was touched by the sixth-grader’s letter. “I’m sad for her,” it reads. “She’s 46 years and I’m only 12 … we need her for many years more.”

News Channel 10

Guerra’s dad told ABC News that his wife, Santos, has a heart defect that has her on the waiting list for a donor in Houston. She was placed on the list a year ago with the warning from her doctors that it could up to five years before a donor appeared.

The social worker passed the letter onto the Channelview Fire Department, who regrettably couldn’t do much in the way of a heart transplant but donated a bicycle from their annual toy drive to the Guerra’s.

“It’s gut-wrenching,” Justin Wischnewsky, fire captain of the Channelview Fire Department, told ABC News. “there are good kids out there. We said, ‘There’s not a whole lot we can do, but let’s try and make this the best Christmas ever for him.”

“He was being really selfless,” Katya Garza, a member of the department, told KTRK. “Kids need their parents, and they really don’t know the circumstances when it’s life or death.”

“For him to completely be selfless and not ask for anything else other than his to be healthy for Christmas, it really puts us back,” Garza continued. “Maybe a Christmas miracle might happen.”

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