Jamoneisha suffered burns to her face, neck, shoulders, and chest

By Rose Minutaglio
August 19, 2017 02:44 PM

The 11-year-old New York girl who received second-degree burns after her friend allegedly poured boiling water on her at a sleepover, is out of the hospital and in recovery.

“She’s great, she’s in good spirits and she would like to thank the world for all the love,” her mother, Ebony Merritt, tells PEOPLE.

Credit: Ebony Merritt

On Friday, Merritt confirmed her daughter’s incredible recovery on Facebook, saying Jamoneisha is “doing great.”

“God is good all the time baby girl just left out the hospital she’s doing great,” she wrote. “I want to thank everyone that reached out everyone for their prayers and concerns flowers balloons cars and donations the love have been real.”

According to Merrit, Jamoneisha was sleeping on a couch at a sleepover on Aug. 7, when she awoke to incredible pain as her face burned from the boiling water.

Her “friend,” 12-year-old Aniya Stuart, had poured a cup of scalding water on Jamoneisha’s head, neck, face and chest, according to Yahoo.

The girl was reportedly taken into custody after the incident.

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On a GoFundMe page, Merrit claimed the act was part of a viral “challenge” that originated as a dare posted to YouTube.

“The emotional & physical pain my daughter is going through is something that no parent would want to bare witness to,” Merrit wrote. “My heart aches for the moment she has to look in the mirror at what these cruel individuals have done to her.”

Jamoneisha, who spent 12 days in Harlem Hospital before returning home, will continue to heal with counseling, “to make sure we heal her insides as well as her outside.”