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Heartbreaking Photos Show Terrified Students in Uvalde Escaping Through Elementary School Windows
After 21 people, including 19 students, were killed Tuesday in a shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, new photos show the terror that unfolded as children escaped through windows
Family Speaks Out After Father's Cremated Remains Got Lost in Transit: 'It's a Terrible Feeling'
"If losing your dad isn't enough, try having your dad pass away and then, you know, losing his remains," said son Colin McGuire
Like Her Father Before Her, Brooklyn's 'Ice Cream Girl' Maria Campanella Says 'Ice Cream is Happiness!'
Following in the footsteps of her late dad, "Chubby the Ice Cream Man," Maria Campanella has been selling frozen treats from her ice cream truck for 35 years
Gun Violence in American Schools: Unpacking the Most Frequently Asked Questions, and How to Help
Activist Shannon Watts helps PEOPLE unpack answers to tough questions surrounding gun safety, "hardening" schools and mental illness in connection to gun violence
Couple Welcomes Son via Surrogate Just 3 Days Before Wife Gives Birth to Daughter: 'We Were All Crying'
Clay and Meredith "Bo" McCord welcomed their first child, son James Wakefield McCord, via surrogate on Mother's Day — and then they welcomed daughter Mary Clark McCord on May 11
Jennifer Weiner on Navigating the Deaths of Her Mom, Father-in-Law and Dog Last Year and Her New Book
"What I've heard from people is that they feel like my mom's spirit is there on every page," Jennifer Weiner tells PEOPLE of her new book, The Summer Place

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Lyft Co-Founder John Zimmer Reveals 'Overwhelming' Stress Led to 'Cycling of Bad Thoughts' and Depression
The president of the popular ridesharing app — who is on a mission to destigmatize depression after overcoming the condition — is speaking out as part of Mental Health Awareness Month  
Last Salem 'Witch' Pardoned 329 Years After She Was Sentenced to Death
Lawmakers agreed to reconsider the case of Elizabeth Johnson Jr. after an eighth-grade civics class took up her cause and researched the legislative steps needed to clear her name
Everything to Know About 2022's Tau Herculid Meteor Shower, Including When It Peaks and How to Watch

A "meteor storm" could potentially take place, resulting in a starry spectacle of over 1,000 meteors per hour