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Supreme Court Votes to Block N.Y. from Enforcing COVID-Related Restrictions on Religious Gatherings

"The restrictions at issue here, by effectively barring many from attending religious services, strike at the very heart of the First Amendment’s guarantee of religious liberty," reads the court decision

Justin Timberlake Donates Wheelchair-Accessible Van to Teen with Cerebral Palsy: 'You Inspire Me'

"It’s going to make his life much easier as we go into our future and it’s going to make my life a lot easier because there’s not many people that can lift him up and sit him in a van like he needs,” Jake Stitt's father told WJHL

Brittany Maynard's Husband Imagines Holidays with the Kids They Wanted to Have Before Her Death

“Cancer took that opportunity from us, and that’s what I reflect on during the holidays, but at the same time, I also reflect on the seven and a half years Brittany and I had together," Dan Diaz, 49, tells PEOPLE

Nonprofit Launched by Fla. Woman Who Beat Addiction Is a 'Glimmer of Hope' to Struggling Families

Stephanie Bowman of One Heart for Women and Children has helped millions since the pandemic, including Mike Pitsky, Tammara Vidal and their combined 18 kids

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Pads and Tampons Are Now Free in Scotland, Marking History-Making Move to End ‘Period Poverty’

The legislation requires period products to be available for free in public buildings, including schools, colleges and universities