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San Francisco School District Removes the Word 'Chief' from Job Titles Due to 'Concerns'
"Given that Native American members of our community have expressed concerns over the use of the title, we are no longer going to use it," a spokesperson for the SFUSD said
Couple Welcomes Triplets After Losing 2 Babies in First Triplets Pregnancy: A 'Second Chance'
"God meant for this to happen to us and we got it again and it worked out beautifully this time," mom Kellee Briggs told KCCI
Everything to Know About 2022's Tau Herculid Meteor Shower, Including When It Peaks and How to Watch
A "meteor storm" could potentially take place, resulting in a starry spectacle of over 1,000 meteors per hour
Cafe Owner Helps Women Recovering from Addiction on HGTV's Home Town Kickstart Presented by People
Jodie Martin, the owner of Geaux Fresh Bistro & Bakery, employs women while they are getting back on their feet
Pilot Who Had Medical Emergency Speaks Out After Passenger Landed Plane and Helped Save His Life
Pilot Kenneth Allen said his “head was pounding and I was seeing little blue lights” before he lost consciousness while flying earlier this month
Okla. Teen Survives 'Traumatic Cardiac Arrest' After Being Kicked 'Directly in the Chest' by Horse
“I do recall repeating the sentence, ‘I’m not going to die today,’ multiple times,” said Dalton Bruton, 16

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Ohio Mom Refuses to Let Teen Pregnancies Stop Her from Becoming a Doctor: 'I Feel Nothing But Gratitude'
Despite feeling like her goals were unreachable, "I still had this tiny voice — I call it a dim light," Katie Clark tells PEOPLE
Paint Job Caused Chemical Smell Reported by Passengers on Carnival Magic, Cruise Line Says
The U.S. Coast Guard said they are "looking into" passengers' reports of "a foul odor" and sickness
26-Year-Old Skydiver Dies During Her First Solo Training Jump in Georgia

The woman was jumping at Skydive Spaceland Atlanta at the time of the accident, according to reports