Inside Zsa Zsa Gabor's Former Palm Springs Home, Revamped by New Owners: 'We Have Quite the Legacy to Uphold!'

My Style Diaries blogger Nikki Prendergast updates the famous abode for 21st-century living

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Zsa Zsa Gabor's Former Palm Springs Estate

Kelly Peak/Peak Photography; Inset: Ron Galella/Wireimage

After hitting the market in December 2016 for just shy of a million dollars, Zsa Zsa Gabor’s former Palm Springs house found a new owner in Nikki Prendergast of the blog My Style Diaries. The celebrated star, credited as the first media personality who was famous for simply being famous, died of a heart attack at 99 the same month the property was listed. Revamped with prints from Saatchi Art and sleek furniture from Article, the space now speaks to its Hollywood past while still serving the modern lifestyle of Prendergast and her husband, Eric. “We just feel so fortunate to call this place home,” Predergast tells PEOPLE. “I always look around and think, ‘If these walls could talk…’”

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Protecting the Past

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Kelly Peak / Peak Photography

“It was really important for us not to change much,” Prendergast says of the 1958 build. She’s kept the majority of the house’s style — like the floor-to-ceiling windows and flagstone floors — intact, but has since resurfaced the pool and plans to add a half bath to the main abode.

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Homage to Zsa Zsa

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Kelly Peak / Peak Photography

Prendergast and her husband haven’t paid homage to Gabor with their decor choices so far, but the blogger has a few ideas. “She’s been quoted with some pretty amazing one-liners that don’t normally pertain to us, but there’s one in particular that I love: ‘I tell you, in this world being a little crazy helps to keep you sane,’” she says. “I’d love to have that one framed.”

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Modern Comforts

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Kelly Peak / Peak Photography

The master bedroom boasts updated furniture, like the Culla bench, dresser and nightstand from Article. “It really feels like we’re a world away from the noise,” Predergast says.

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Hollywood History

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Kelly Peak / Peak Photography

Although Predergast hasn’t found anything of Gabor’s that she left behind, she has heard plenty of tales about the goings-on at the desert hideaway. “We’ve heard about a celebrity’s daughter getting stuck in a locked bathroom, a famous cellist playing so the entire hill could hear, and so many cocktail parties,” she says. “We have quite the legacy to uphold!”

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