Zoe Saldana Says She Has No Kid-Free Rooms in her Home, Despite 3 'Jumping, Ripping, Biting' Boys

The Guardians of the Galaxy star told AD she wanted her home to be "child-safe" and "durable."

At Zoe Saldana‘s house, no space is off limits for her children.

The Guardians of the Galaxy star told archdigest.com that she not only wanted her abode to be safe for her three sons — twins Cy and Bowie, 4, and Zen, 2 — but also a place where they didn’t feel restricted.

“I wanted to make sure that in addition to everything being beautiful and affordable and super artistic, I wanted it to be child-safe,” Saldana told the outlet. “I have three boys and they’re going to be jumping, ripping, and biting. I also wanted it to be durable.”

She admitted that growing up, she really only had one room in her house that felt like it was designed for her, but all of the other rooms were either off-limits or spaces where she had to be super cautious. Now, in her own home, she says the spaces she and her husband Marco Perego created specifically for her kids, like the playroom and the family room are her favorites.

Zoe Saldana
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“I grew up in that generation where you only had one room in the house that was for the kids and then every other room you weren’t supposed to go in, because that’s where Grandma’s china was,” she said. “I love that my parents raised us to be super meticulous, but I wanted our kids to live in their homes and understand why they needed to be careful and not have area restrictions.”

Outside, Saldana and Perego also created a small family-friendly garden where they plant things with their kids.

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“It gives them that experience of nature and growing,” Saldana, who recently partnered with Planet Oat Oatmilk, told archdigest.com. “There’s pride you take in that.”

Of course, the Avatar actress has elements of her home that hold a special value to her, like a Gio Ponti dresser and various budget-friendly pieces she and Perego redesigned to make their own.

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“We like buying things that were designed by amazing furniture designers or architects and then refurbishing them,” Saldana said. “I have to be honest. What we couldn’t afford, we were able to design with carpenters either in Italy or here in Los Angeles that have the art history to get inspiration from a Vincenzo De Cotiis piece and create a piece of furniture for us that we’re going to love to live with.”

“I think because we’re artists, it’s very important for us to live in art as well,” Saldana adds. “We never broke the bank to do that, though. We curated what we wanted.”

However, she admits that a lot of patience was required while decorating the interior of their traditional colonial-style house. To achieve the “Italian ’60s modern” vibe they wanted inside, they had to pay attention to every detail and not rush the process. That’s well represented in an old sofa bed called “The Amphibian” which they bought on the internet and refurbished.

“Things like that are very important for us because we want our children to see that you can live really, really well with very little,” Saldana said, “as long as you put attention and care into what you’re doing.”

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