May 08, 2018 03:14 PM

Zachary Quinto and his boyfriend, model and painter Miles McMillan, are only two of the stars visitors will find in their New York City loft — the rest are in the bathroom.

“We wanted to be whimsical about it,” Quinto says of the recently remodeled powder room in a video tour of the home for “So we put all these photographs of icons in there, just staring straight at the camera. So when you go in to pee….”

“…Picasso is staring at you,” McMillan finishes.

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Kyle Knodell/AD

Finding the 2,250-square-foot apartment was a breeze. “This was the first place we saw. We both walked in and just felt like, we found it,” says the Star Trek star, who next appears in The Boys in the Band on Broadway.

Decorating and personalizing the space has been a much longer journey: over the course of two years they worked with Tariq Dixon and Nick Nemeche of TRNK to create a space with what Quinto describes as “openness and flow.”

Some highly unusual finds have made their way into the space, including a small lidded dish Quinto says is “Tennessee Williams’s coke dish,” the fur of the actor’s beloved late dog stored in a keepsake box, and more than 55 crystals.

“I forget how it started. I was just drawn to their beauty and energy as objects, but also as tools,” says McMillan. The couple ascribes to the belief that the geodes have various healing properties and have clusters around the TV to “absorb electronic energy,” according to Quinto.

“My brother-in-law, who is an electrician, was like ‘that’s not a thing,’” McMillan adds with a shrug.

Their “favorite room” in the house is the small, but luxe master bath. “Four days out of seven, you’ll find Miles in this bathtub,” the actor notes, adding, “He takes all the hot water.”

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But McMillan has a perfectly valid reason: “You gotta get your nipples and your knees under water!”

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