The Grammy winner and Pete Nelson create a "space crab" treehouse for a special summer camp

By Mackenzie Schmidt
Updated September 15, 2016 10:24 AM

On this Friday’s season finale of Treehouse Masters, country star Zac Brown collaborates on an amazing mash-up.

The Grammy winner teams up with host Pete Nelson — the show’s titular master of treehouse design — to build a remarkable structure at Camp Southern Ground, Brown’s summer retreat in Georgia for kids with academic, social and emotional difficulties.

Brown, a former camp counselor with a love for nature, dreamed of creating a place that would allow the children for whom the camp is specialized to overcome their fears and learn how to connect with others. “It makes you feel like you’re not anywhere else that you’ve been before, which makes you believe that you can be something that you’ve never been before,” he says in an exclusive clip from Friday’s episode.

Animal Planet
Animal Planet

Together they dream up a structure Brown calls “otherworldly” and Nelson claims is “so different from anything we have ever built before, or frankly, anything I have ever designed.” The elliptical structure rendered in metal evokes both a horseshoe crab and a space ship. “Hence, Space Crab,” concludes Nelson. The oddly named and quirky-looking space features a chevron-patterned deck, and inside, an eleven-foot wide table that retracts into the ceiling.

“I think it’s gonna really help to open them up and open their imaginations up to realize that this is a really special place,” Brown says of the completed project, which in addition to being a place for campers to enjoy, will host meetings for the musician and his staff.

“To know that so many families will get to enjoy this unique space is an fantastic feeling,” adds Nelson. “There will be a lot of joy and laughter filling this space crab and that fills my heart.”

Treehouse Masters season finaleairs this Friday, September 16, at 10/9c on Animal Planet.