You Need 20,000 Instagram Followers to Take a Photo in Front of This Security-Guarded Mural

The "private" mural is receiving backlash even among those who have the followers to pose with it

A new, trendy wall mural has appeared in Los Angeles, but not just anyone can snap a picture in front of it.

Only social media “influencers” with a verified Twitter account or more than 20,000 Instagram followers are being allowed to pose in front of the art wall, which features a painted pair of wings and is located at 7753 Melrose Ave. There’s even a security guard on site to check potential posers’ accounts.

“We apologize for the inconvenience. See security staff for proof and access,” a sign next to the entrance of the “Private Mural” reads. It also instructs users to tag the accounts @likeandsubscribe on Instagram and @likeandsub on Twitter.

The inclusion of the handles has led some social media sleuths to the conclusion that the wall and it’s over-the-top access guidelines are part of a marketing stunt, though it’s not yet clear what for. The associated Twitter account promises some clarity is “coming July 9th 2018.” pointed out that the accounts associated with the installation ironically don’t have the follower count required to access it — 1,042 on Instagram and 8,630 on Twitter as of Tuesday afternoon — and that the phrase “like and subscribe” is already both a catchphrase claimed by Youtubers and the name of a podcast about social media and internet culture, which told the site it has no association with the mural.

The @likeandsub account acknowledged it was receiving backlash, even from those with the numbers to get in. “Disappointing to see a few verified influencers getting upset about the mural. There is no reason to be mad! We created it specifically for you. Instead of the negativity, come down and take a great photo!” it tweeted on Monday.

The wings visible in their initial tweet appear to be in the style of artist Colette Miller, whose work can be found on decidedly more public streets around the world. But a verified Twitter user who visited the location, posted a photo of himself in front of a different pair of wings inside a heart with the words “City of Angels” above, which may be located inside that white tent behind the security guard.

Those not blessed with the required “influence” may want to check out the murals of Miller or Kelsey Montague, who also both have genuine celeb fans: Taylor Swift posed with Montague wings in New York City and Emma Roberts stopped by a pair of Miller’s in L.A.

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