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By Jayla Andrulonis
March 17, 2020 09:45 AM
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Waking up in the morning feeling refreshed and well-rested is a wonderful feeling, but not everyone has an easy time hitting the hay at night. If you have trouble falling asleep or find yourself tossing and turning, there’s one essential that just may help your sleep routine: a weighted blanket.

If you’ve been curious about trying the “life-changing” blanket trend, there has never been a better time than now. Amazon’s best-selling option from YnM is marked down in various weights and sizes, ranging from twin to king-sized blankets.

The Ynm Weighted Blanket is a breathable cotton duvet filled with a weighted inner layer of hypoallergenic glass beads. As you cozy up under the weight — which varies from five to 30 pounds — you’ll feel a gentle, soothing pressure. And since it’s designed without the added bulk of fiber filler, you’ll stay cool while still enjoying the comforting sensations of a weighted blanket.

With more than 4,700 5-star reviews and a 4.6-star rating, the lightweight Ynm blanket is a number one best-seller on Amazon — and it’s easy to see why shoppers love it so much. Customers are saying it has helped with anxiety, restless legs, and more struggles that kept them from falling (and staying) asleep; one even said “it feels like getting a hug, without feeling constrained or hot.”

“I would definitely recommend it for anyone who has a hard time calming down their nervous system and falling asleep. If you have racing thoughts or are uneasy when going to bed, something about the extra weight distributed around your body really helps calm those feelings down and adds this interesting feeling of being protected,” said another reviewer. “The blankets are super high quality and I really enjoyed the texture of the glass beads as stuffing instead of poly pellets.”

Credit: Amazon

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Ynm Weighted Blanket in Magnolia, $56.37 (orig. $82.90);

To get the full benefits of a weighted blanket, you’ll want to make sure you’re using the appropriate size and weight. Experts recommend choosing a blanket that weighs 10 percent of your body weight, plus one pound, so it’s not too heavy or too light. YnM’s size options start with a five-pound version, which many shoppers say is the secret to solving their children’s sleep troubles.

“My 8-year-old was having trouble sleeping and this has helped almost instantly! He has ADHD and struggles with sleep and this blanket has been a lifesaver,” one parent shared. “He now wakes up happier and sleeps through the night. When he does wake up he falls back asleep quickly. Great price and wonderful quality blanket.”

You can head to Amazon to shop the best-selling Ynm weighted blanket while it’s marked down in 24 prints and various weights.

Credit: Amazon

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Ynm Weighted Blanket in Dark Gray, $50.49 (orig. $69.90);