September 08, 2017 02:40 PM


The rest of us can sit down on our Ektorps. The biggest IKEA superfan ever has officially been found.

While home décor enthusiasts ranging from the average college student to the likes of Kanye West have expressed their love for the inexpensive Swedish furniture giant, one clever shopper now rules them all.

IKEA recently released a video starring Yanjaa Wintersoul, who has every tiny detail of the 2018 catalog memorized. And we’re not talking product names and new introductions — we mean everything, from the art on one of the fridges to whether or not a model wears glasses.

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If you’ve watched the video above and are as baffled as we were, the below clip helps explain Wintersoul’s magic a bit more.

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Wintersoul’s primary memory technique is to imagine she’s really at the homes featured in the catalog, detailing how she would interact with the people, decorative elements (and pizzas) that are shown. She also speaks Swedish, and uses pneumonic devices to help her remember the product names that don’t quite roll off the tongue.

Although we can’t all hold the title of IKEA’s “Human Catalog” we can use the same tricks Wintersoul, an award-winning memory champion according to her LinkedIn profile, employs to make us sharper at day-to-day tasks. Because, as the pro says, “Creative memory will live on forever.” So open your study guides, and turn to the page about meatballs.

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