Wiz Khalifa's L.A. Home Is an Homage to His 5-Year-Old Son and the Rapper's Love of Marijuana

The rapper's 6-bedroom house has "a good vibe" for kids and adults

Wiz Khalifa‘s Los Angeles home is completely customized for recording, recreation and quality time with his five-year-old son, Sebastian.

“I got this space three or four years ago,” the rapper tells archdigest.com of the 6-bedroom, $16,000-per-month rental. “There was a lot of room for my son. I wanted to make sure he could run around and have a good time.”

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The Mediterranean-meets-modern abode is split between kid– and adult-friendly spaces. The latter include the “game room aka the gang room,” which houses Khalifa’s collection of awards — “to commemorate the hard work that we put in and make us put some more hard work in” — and his weed bar.

“We’re big smokers over here, so there’s a lot of smoking stuff. I have a hundred joint roller. It rolls a hundred joints at one time. [It would] probably take like 3 days to smoke a hundred joints.”

Elsewhere in the house, there’s also a gallery-style “weed wall” featuring “everybody who smokes pot,” from Snoop Dogg to Willie Nelson.

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Downstairs is an area Khalifa calls “my baby,” the recording studio. “This is my favorite part of the house. When you’re in here, you’re in your own little world. It’s like a fighter jet, like a little spaceship.”

Sebastian, whose mom is model, activist, and fashion designer Amber Rose, gets some serious square footage of his own in the house.

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“When you walk in, you kind of just get the vibe of my son,” Khalifa says showing off an impressive playroom — one of two in the house. “He’s got his play area, he’s got his learning area, he’s got his imagination station. He gets to do him.”

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His son also gets to partake in one of dad’s more PG pastimes: collecting luxury cars. Outside, Sebastian’s rides include a “’57 Impala, Range Rover, Kawasaki and Ghost Rolls Royce,” all pint-size of course.

Khalifa’s own impressive garage includes low-riders, a 1969 El Camino, a Chevelle, muscle cars, and “a nice family car,” a Mercedes-Benz. He also shows off a 1962 Impala, noting, “My baby’s mama actually bought me this because I was mad at her, and she wanted me to not be mad at her, so she bought me a car.”

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The rapper worked with interior designer Michelle Silva, Liz Tapper of Liz Tapper Interiors, and Tricia Morrison of Details by Others, to deck out the house. “I think, overall, we were looking to achieve a design that we thought was indicative of who he was: a father, an entertainer, a free spirit, and a creative,” Silva tells AD. “He is so young, so we wanted to keep the design playful and super hip.”

Or as Khalifa puts it: “This space right here is clearly for kickin’ it, chillin’ — it’s just a good vibe.”

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