WISELIFE Storage Bags 100L 3-Pack Large Blanket Clothes Organization and Storage Containers

These 'Spacious' Storage Bags Can Hold a Ton — and They're Just $6 Apiece at Amazon

They have over 3,700 perfect ratings
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As temperatures continue to dip across the country, it's likely you're starting to swap light jackets for bulky sweaters and warm sheets. While you may be stuffing all of the summer season's clothing into the back of the drawer, there's a much more organized way to arrange things, and all you have to do is invest in a set of storage bags

Thousands of Amazon shoppers recommend the Wiselife Storage Bags, and a set of three is just $18. These enormous storage bags will undoubtedly be an organizer's dream. The heavy-duty, breathable fabric and dual zippers keep everything dry and free of dust during months of non-use. Each bag is designed with a translucent window, so you'll know exactly what's in each one, and they're finished off with a reinforced sturdy handle that makes it easy to lift from a top shelf or pull out from under the bed. 

The 100-liter bags are big enough to hold blankets, comforters, pillows, sweaters, jackets, and even toys. Plus, when the bags are not in use, they can be folded flat and stored without taking up too much room.

Buy It! Wiselife Storage Bags, $18 with coupon (orig. $32.99); amazon.com

Over 3,700 Amazon shoppers have given the storage bags a five-star rating, with many calling them "spacious" and noting that they're "pleasantly surprised" by how large the bags are. One shopper even wrote, "All of the items I thought I would put in the three bags actually fit in one bag, so I now have two bonus bags!"  

"These are very large and deep: tons of storage capacity in each one," one five-star reviewer shared. "I was able to fit 20 large beach towels in one and still had room, and four king blankets in another, which previously took up two shelves in my linen closet (now one)." They added, "The clear panel makes it very easy to see what's inside, plus they are stackable."   

"Wow, I'm shocked by how well these work," another user wrote. "I had all my blankets and sheets in space bags stored in an XL Rubbermaid bin, but it was always a pain to unseal and reseal the space bags whenever I changed the bedding. These storage bags hold so much. I've got throw blankets, fluffy comforters, duvets/duvet covers, and tons of sheets… and I haven't even used the third bag!"

Head to Amazon and shop a set of three Wiselife Storage Bags for just $18 while this deal lasts.