Disneyland's annual Halloween decorations weren’t the only thing giving the California theme park a spooky look

By Bailey Bennett
October 10, 2017 11:00 AM

Disneyland’s annual Halloween decorations weren’t the only thing giving the theme park in California a dark and spooky look on Monday.

A fast-moving brush fire near Disneyland and Disney’s California Adventure turned the sky an ominous burnt orange, after breaking out at 9:40 a.m. local time off the nearby 91 Freeway, The Orange County Register reported.

Anaheim Fire Evacuations

The fire started about a mile from where the Canyon Fire burned two weeks ago, making today’s fire the “Canyon Fire 2.” About 1,000 homes are in immediate danger and have been evacuatd, according to The OCR, and at least six homes have been damaged.

The blaze grew rapidly on Monday, from about 25 acres to an estimated 500 acres, LAist reported. This has resulted in the mandatory evacuations from Anaheim Hills and parts of Orange, with critical fire conditions in effect until Tuesday morning.

Get updated evacuation information from Orange County’s Emergency Operations Center.

Anaheim Hills Fire Map

The affected area is marked on this Google Map, updated by the OC Register.

Will Disneyland Close?

Disneyland is about 15 miles from the fire, and is open and operating normally.

Parkgoers currently inside the gates are sharing haunting images of the smoky, overcast skies resulting from the blaze. In contrast to Sleeping Beauty’s colorful castle or Mickey’s Fun Wheel, the view looks spooky and almost apocalyptic.

Disneyland guests are safe, however.

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