See where and when kids get the most out of international travel

By Cailey Rizzo
May 23, 2017 04:46 PM
Three kids visiting Paris. They are looking from the balcony of Paris Opera at the place de l'opera. The girls is aged 9 and her brothers are aged 6.

Youth and international travel are wasted on the young, according to one child psychologist.

Many parents may think a visit to ancient ruins or a trip across Europe is an excellent history lesson and opportunity for their children, Dr. Oliver James tells The Telegraph that “home-based holidays are what most children really want.”

Basically, James explains, kids want to go back to the same place year after year — although how children process place and adventure changes as they age.

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Up until age five, kids aren’t equipped to appreciate new places, he says. From about five to ten, kids can become very nostalgic, form an attachment to a single place and want to return there constantly. It’s not until they reach their teenage years that most kids are ready to hit the road and explore new parts of the world.

Even then, some children may still prefer to return to the same places over and over. “Children are now under so many pressures that the associations of one particular place where they know they can return and be free from those, can be very powerful and positive,” James explains.

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Parents looking to follow James’s advice can wait until their children are older to begin taking them around the world — or they can leave the kids at home and go on a second honeymoon by themselves!