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January 23, 2018 03:25 PM

Stranger Things star David Harbour is going on a very special vacation, courtesy of Greenpeace.

It all started with a tweet: “Hey @Greenpeace,” the actor, who plays Police Chief Jim Hopper, wrote on Sunday. “How many retweets to send me someplace to tell emperor penguin couples I think they have terrific parenting ideologies? Perhaps hone the Hopper dance with the males…”

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(The Hopper dance, for those unfamiliar, refers to the viral meme of Harbour’s character busting a move.)

Greenpeace responded to Harbour’s tweet the next day. “Hmm, if you get over 200k we’ll ask the Captain if you can join our expedition to the Antarctic and dance with the penguins,” it tweeted back.

Harbour immediately took up the challenge, putting forth an impassioned plea to his 786,000 followers — who responded by giving Harbour the requisite 200,000 retweets in less than five hours, according to an enthusiastic update posted by the actor.

Greenpeace appears to be staying true to its word, too. “Get your dancing shoes on, because you’ll be heading to Antarctica in no time,” it tweeted at Harbour.

The captain of a Greenpeace-chartered boat based in Punta Arenas, Chile, even invited him personally to come meet him in February for an expedition to the southern continent — and signed off in the cutest way imaginable.

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Harbour has a track record of making dreams come true for passionate Stranger Things fans via Twitter. He’s so far posed for senior portraits holding a trombone with a high school student, and will officiate a wedding in Illinois in September.

Get ready for a host of new Hopper memes, Internet.

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