December 11, 2017 02:20 PM

If you’re a grown up, you’ll have to show your love of Disney without a costume.

While a lot of adult fans of Disney may go to conventions or dress up as their favorite characters like Cinderella, Gaston, or Peter Pan for Halloween, their fandom must be expressed sans fancy attire while they’re in a Disney park.

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Disney theme parks have hard and fast rules regarding costumes, at least for adults. The park dress code states that any guest over 14 may be refused admittance if they are wearing costumes or masks. Masks, however, are given exceptions if the guest requires one for a medical condition.

Adults can wear hats, wigs, capes, transparent wings, and tutus, as well as carry props (as long as they aren’t real). Basically, you can’t cover your face or carry an actual weapon. Seems pretty straightforward.

This rule is partly because only Disney employees may dress in costume. This not only protects the brand, but is perhaps a safety measure, so guests are not mistaken for employees.

Courtesy of Disneyland

The only times Disney makes an exception is during Mickey’s Halloween Party or during adult bar crawls — as long as you still comply with safety measures like not having props that look like real weapons or costumes that drag too far on the ground.

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Those rules are probably for the best — things can get especially dicey on a bar crawl. But if you can’t dress up on Halloween, what’s the point?

Luckily, your Tinkerbell shirt and mouse ears are always allowed.

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