Mom-to-Be Whitney Port Has a New Flower Delivery Service That Will 'Bring Some Happiness' to Your Life

Photo: Cole Moser for Bloom2Bloom

The best reason to send flowers according to Whitney Port? When there’s no reason at all.

“Flowers don’t have to be only for a special occasion. They really mean so much more when it’s just because,” says Port, who’s just signed on as creative head of the online floral delivery service Bloom2Bloom.

One moment that sticks out as proof of this mantra: when her husband, Tim Rosenman, brought her blooms that hadn’t exactly been her favorites up to that point.

“I remember one day my husband brought home a bouquet of all-yellow flowers and I always had it in my head that I never really liked yellow flowers,” Port, 31, tells PEOPLE. “But the sentiment behind them really touched me and it was like they were like the most beautiful flowers I had ever seen.”

Cole Moser for Bloom2Bloom
Cole Moser for Bloom2Bloom

That notion is one of the many reasons the Hills vet decided to add another job title to her resume (which she also recently updated to include “mom-to-be”).

Port announced Thursday that she’s teaming up with her friend and business partner Laurenne Resnik to run the creative side of the two-year-old brand and help “make it come to life.”

“I immediately jumped right in,” Port says. “I was going through a transition period myself, and I thought this would be a really fun project.”

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Bloom2Bloom works exclusively with U.S. suppliers — “Its’ a good chain effect when we support these farmers,” Resnik says — and a portion of each purchase is donated to Wish Upon a Teen’s Design a Room program, which redecorates rooms for teenagers facing extended hospitalization due to life-threatening illnesses.

“A big reason why I was so drawn to do this, and why it was so easy for me to say yes, was because of the give back,” Port says. “It makes everything you’re doing every day more meaningful, and we all need to find that in our lives more often.”

As for who tops Port’s list of recipients of a just-because bouquet: “Whenever I want to bring some happiness, my mom is usually the one I send them to.”

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