'Trading Spaces' Has a New Carpenter and He's . . . Well, You Should Probably Take a Look at This

Meet Brett Tutor, TLC's new heartthrob handyman


Meet Brett. He’s a carpenter, and he’s about to be on your TV screen every week, building things and sweating probably.

TLC announced the cast for it’s long-awaited reboot of Trading Spaces (coming spring 2018) on Wednesday, and alongside almost all of the show’s original cast members, were a few new additions: HGTV and DIY Network regulars Sabrina Soto, John Gidding, Kahi Lee, and Joanie Sprague and one relative newcomer, carpenter Brett Tutor.

Tutor, 31, inherits the mantle of hunky Trading Spaces carpenter from such legends in the field as Ty Pennington and Carter Oosterhouse, but based on a lengthy bio provided by TLC, we can confirm the Texas-born talent is much more than just a pretty face . . . and arms . . . and abs. Here’s everything we learned.

1. He was a child prodigy. Growing up outside Austin, Tutor and his brother, Chase, were BMX enthusiasts and reportedly received truckloads of dirt for their birthdays and Christmas so that they could build ramps in their backyard. Not one to get stuck on one hobby, Tutor tried and thrived in a startling number of activities at a young age. By age 12, he was a world-ranked golfer. At 15, he was apprenticing as a carpenter. At 19, he moved to Hawaii to study Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai, all the while maintaining a reputation for mischief among his peers, according to a release from TLC.

2. He’s a philanthropist. But Tutor’s adventures weren’t entirely self serving. After two years, he left the island to travel to Africa with a humanitarian group, a trip he says changed his life. He spent time volunteering at schools and orphanages in the slums of Kibera, Kenya. Years later, in 2014, he founded the nonprofit Off the Grid International, which helps provide access to clean water and sanitation systems in undeveloped areas.

3. And a man in uniform. The trip also inspired Tutor to see the world. He joined the U.S. Air Force at 21 and on his first day of training, was placed at the head of a 60-man squad and prequalified for a Pararescue Special Operations program. Fortunately for TLC viewers, he suffered an injury before he could jump out of any planes and was given a medical discharge.


4. He has a music video. Back in civilian life, he’d undergo SWAT training; work as an adventure guide, rock climbing and white water rafting in Oregon; become a stuntman in feature films; write and record a single, “Fire Fly,” with his brother; and act as security and survival specialist for a team of treasure hunters on the Discovery Channel show, Treasure Quest Snake Island.

5. He’s much more than a handyman. These days, when he’s not running his home inspection business, Property Doctors, he can be found surfing, fly fishing, scuba diving and fixing up an old Airstream trailer. And yes, he’s done some modeling.

Really the only thing not playing in the Trading Spaces newbie’s favor is his overuse of artsy Instagram filters, as evidenced above.

To see just how good he is with his hands, you’ll have to tune in to the new season of Trading Spaces, returning to TLC after a 10-year hiatus in spring 2018.

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