"I have a lot of splurge purchases, every day is a splurge," the talk show host tells PEOPLE

By Megan Stein
April 24, 2017 04:16 PM

Every day is a splurge day for Wendy Williams.

“I have a lot of splurge purchases, every day is a splurge,” the talk-show host tells PEOPLE Now. “I think my whole party is about to end tomorrow so a dime matters to me.”

After hearing about Amy Schumer’s recent big-ticket purchase — a $2,000 mattress she bought as a thank you to a Six Corners Mattress Firm employee that let her use the store’s bathroom — Williams, 52, admitted what home décor essential she wants to upgrade.

“I’m thinking of getting some new knobs for our kitchen,” she says. “That’ll be a splurge.”

Another cause Williams is willing to spend a little extra on is for her charity, The Hunter Foundation. She and her husband, Kevin, and son Kevin Jr., help families struggling with addiction and poverty, and one way they do so is through one of Williams’ favorite past times.

“We send girls to summer camp,” she says. “And we send them to the good camp. Not the ones with the crusty tent on the ground.”

She continues, “It is our mission to help people. And for me, summer camp was always a joy growing up in Jersey. And the idea that there are young girls out there that have never experienced ticks, mosquitoes and a latrine — they need to get into the groove.”

For more on Williams’ and her charitable work, watch the full video above.