Find out what happened when we tried Minted's new personal art styling service

By Andrea Lavinthal
December 27, 2017 01:31 PM
Courtesy Andrea Lavinthal
  • What It Is:Minted Personal Art Styling
  • Who Tried It: Andrea Lavinthal, Style & Beauty Director
  • Level of Difficulty: 11/10 (Minted made it super easy. My own indecisiveness made it nearly impossible.)

When my boyfriend and I moved from a one bedroom apartment in Manhattan to a three bedroom in Brooklyn last year, I was determined to make our new space look Pinterest-worthy, starting with our living room. I got as far as buying a new couch and a rug before I had a baby and abandoned décor for diapers. A year later I was ready to recommit to the project, only this time with professional help. Enter Minted, which recently added an art styling service that pairs you with an expert who makes personalized recommendations for any wall in your home (it’s $79 for a single wall or $99 for a room).

The first thing you do is take an online quiz that asks you some questions about the space you’re decorating and your personal tastes, as well as provides an opportunity to upload photos of the rooms you’re decorating. I indicated that I was looking to do a gallery wall featuring a mix of family photos and artwork and selected a few examples of the types of pieces I liked for my living room.

Within a day or so, my stylist sent me two options for potential configurations. While spot-on based on my quiz selections, they made me question if I really wanted what I said I did. For example, the combo of family photos and art didn’t look right. And despite saying I wanted bright colors, especially lots of yellow, I thought a darker palette might be better.

Luckily, the best part about this service is that in addition to the two initial concept boards, you get two more versions from the stylist should you need them. I let my stylist know my thoughts (and I even sent her a few additional links of Minted artwork that I loved), and three days later she sent me a revised plan with two new configuration options. I still wasn’t convinced and we went through another round of options. Ultimately, I had no idea what I wanted and I worried that she couldn’t figure it out for me.

Just as I was getting ready to give up on my dreams of finding the perfect wall decor, a stunning piece of art caught my eye on Instagram. It was bright, colorful and exactly what I wanted hanging in my living room. I Googled the artist, Kristi Kohut, and — in a fateful turn of events — the second link was to her Minted store! After scrolling through Kristi’s gorgeous work, I emailed my stylist to tell her the good news: I was ordering two of the prints — Do It Anyway 2 and Free — very large side-by-side and that the family photos could go in the hallway. And lest you think that I get the credit for coming up with the design, I went back through the emails with my stylist and discovered that she suggested the exact same prints in her second email so we basically came full circle.

Courtesy Minted

Once I received the framed prints (along with very specific hanging instructions), I was inspired to finish the rest of the living room. I bought new throw pillows (including a gorgeous set from Kristi), plus a pouf (also from Kristi). Everyone who walks into my apartment, immediately comments on the colorful prints, which makes me think that all the back and forth was definitely worth it.

Courtesy Minted

The Verdict: Minted’s Personal Art Styling service was so easy to use, that I enlisted their help again to create a wall gallery of family photos in our hallway and I only needed one pass to get it right this time! It’s also particularly great if you need help choosing the best pieces for your space but an interior decorator isn’t in your budget (they cost twice as much). Now my biggest challenge is preventing my toddler son, Saxon, from knocking down the pictures and drooling all over my new pillows.

Courtesy Andrea Lavinthal