"I have more paintings of Wacha than you would believe," the Watch What Happens Live host says
Credit: Douglas Friedman

Andy Cohen openly admits to employing some uncouth house hunting tactics: He started scoping out the unit above his West Village apartment after hearing its elderly owner was ill.

“I began doing that creepy New York thing of asking, ‘How’s my neighbor?’” he admits in the October issue of Elle Décor. “Then the guy passed away, and my doorman and super were looking at me like I’d killed him.”

Credit: Douglas Friedman

After claiming the space above his existing first-floor unit, which he bought back in 2003 and shares with his almost equally famous dog, Wacha, Cohen, 49, hired celebrity interior designer Eric Hughes and architect Gordon Kahn to transform the apartments into a bright, bold and free-flowing urban dwelling that friends like Anderson Cooper and Sarah Jessica Parker would feel at ease in.

“That flowered wallpaper, that yellow buffalo plaid on the couch, are so divinely Andy,” says the Sex and the City star, 52. “They’re whimsical but weighted in something grown-up. I sneak out to Andy’s place when I have a half hour, and we’ll have a drink and catch up.”

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Credit: Douglas Friedman

His home office — which closely mimics his Watch What Happens Live Clubhouse — is filled with autograph books, old Grateful Dead Cassettes, and “a lot of pot,” he says, pointing out a collection of what Elle Decor calls “glass jars” nestled near a Peabody award for Project Runway and an Emmy. He won for Top Chef in 2010.

Credit: Douglas Friedman

Cherry-patterned walls and Madonna art aside, it’s the bones of the place that make it so star-worthy. “The light in this apartment is phenomenal,” he says. “And the views are just sick.”

Credit: Douglas Friedman
andy cohen for elle decor october issue, Photo credit: Douglas Friedman
Credit: Douglas Friedman

But even with a multitude of jobs that keep him in the spotlight, it’s important to note who’s the subject of most of Cohen’s fan mail.

“When you’re a talk-show host with a dog…people send you things,” he says. “I have more paintings of Wacha than you would believe.”

For full details on Cohen’s colorful abode, pick up the October issue of Elle Décor, on newsstands September 5.